STOCKER INDUSTRIES, INC. has been formulating and manufacturing Industrial Hand Soaps since 1972. Zoopy Zoom Soapz are Formulated, Manufactured and Inspected by STOCKER INDUSTRIES, INC. on site. In 2014 Andre Stocker and 2 of his friends that specialize in Person Care Chemistry, started formulating a mild kid’s hand soap that would leave kids hand’s cleaner while also leaving them soft and smelling fresh. After a few dozen trial runs, Zoopy Zoom Soapz formulation was finalized. All Zoopy Zoom Soapz are made with the highest quality grade products. By 2018 Zoopy Zoom was created, using one of the names from a character Andre had drawn for the kid’s soap line. Zoopy Zoom Soapz are available on Amazon, and soon will be available to purchase directly from our website.
Remember : B- Happy, B- Kind , B- Clean with Zoopy Zoom.