Zoopy Zoom

Our faithful founder and friend.
Zoopys mission is to let kids know that washing
their hands is absolutely the best way to stay
healthy and germ free.

 B- Clean

Wash your hands with

Zoopy Zoom Soap. 


   Molly is one of Zoopy Zooms best friends. Molly  is responsible in educating  parents on the products that are used in the making of Zoopy Zoom Soaps.
Molly will reveiw all the products that are in our soaps on the websites technical page.


Kingston and the Wallops (Stig, Stu & Tug) are responsible in answering letters and sending out hand written letters from Zoopy Zoom to any kids that join the Zoopy Zoom Fan Club.  All
e-mail letters will be responded back as e-mails, and hand written letter will be responded back in hand written form.  Any child that joins the  Zoopy Zoom Fan Club will recieve a photo and goodies & games throughout the year. 

                   Zoopy Zoom says  B - Clean

             Always wash your hands before eating and after using the restroom.